Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy & Physiology

The Human Body is an amazing and very complex machine which we all take for granted!

To be a successful therapist it is crucial that you understand how the body functions normally and what happens when it becomes out of balance and diseased. Our course is an IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists)The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists is one of the largest professional aromatherapy practitioner organisations in the world and is a strong, respected voice in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine accredited course. This On-line Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) course is presented in 5 modules.

Throughout the On-line Anatomy & Physiology course you will be introduced to each body function, given information on how it works, what happens when it doesn’t work and common problems and diseases that can affect it

Course content and starting your journey….
Anatomy & Physiology Course Outline
Anatomy & Physiology Course Syllabus
Course Application Form

Structure of the On-line Anatomy & Physiology course

The course is set out in easy to follow lessons with lots of varied activities to help make learning fun and memorable.

The required text book for the course is:

Ross & Wilson Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness, 13e

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On-line Anatomy & Physiology course Module 1
Price £110.00
Aims & Objectives of the course
Introduction to the Human Body
The Chemistry of Life

On-line Anatomy & Physiology course Module 2
Price £110.00
The Integumentary System
The Skeletal System
The Muscular System

On-line Anatomy & Physiology course Module 3
Price £110.00
The Nervous System
The Endocrine System
The Cardiovascular System

On-line Anatomy & Physiology course Module 4
Price £110.00
The Lymphatic System
The Immune System
The Respiratory System

On-line Anatomy & Physiology course Module 5
Price £110.00
The Digestive System
The Urinary System
The Reproductive System
The Effects of Stress on the System

On-Line Anatomy & Physiology course Exam
Price £50.00
This is a 3 hour on-line assessment which tests your knowledge.
It is a mixture or multi-choice questions, Short answers, labelling diagrams and a longer answer question
It’s nothing to panic over!!

Full payment
Price £570.00
You can purchase the whole course including exam with a saving of 5%

Payment Plan (through GoCardless)
12 months including admin fee – 12 payments of £56.34 (Total including admin fee £676.08)
18 months including admin fee – 18 payment of £37.39 (Total including admin fee £673.02)

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