Aromatherapy Training

Aromatherapy Training

Our Aromatherapy training course is taught on-line in 3 modules which you complete at your own pace. It is accredited by the IFPA (The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists)The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists is one of the largest professional aromatherapy practitioner organisations in the world and is a strong, respected voice in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine and leads to a Level 4 professional qualification in Aromatherapy.

On-line learning allows you to learn when it is convenient for you as a student. A down-loadable manual is supplied with each module along with videos, pod-casts, on-line seminars (there is a requirement to complete a minimum of 40 hours), suggested reading lists, tutorials and relevant information to enrich your learning experience making it a truly interactive, enriching and life enhancing experience.

The Aromatherapy training course uses many of the new features that the internet provides to enhance the learning process, yet because you are led through all the processes in the same supportive way that the module runs, you do not have to be a technical wizard to use the course.

More information and to start your aromatic journey to become a clinical aromatherapist:
Aromatherapy Training Course Outline
Online Aromatherapy Training Course Syllabus
Course Application Form

Aromatherapy Only Option

This option is available for people who would like to add aromatherapy to their current massage practice or for whatever reason do not wish to include massage in their training (an Anatomy & Physiology qualification is a requirement)

If you already hold a Level 3 or above massage and/or A&P qualification this can possibly be APL’d (Advance & Prior Learning) with proof of study and completion. The Aromatherapy only option is fully accredited by the IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists) and an AIA recognized Level 3 course. Case studies are covered as treatments (compresses, inhalations, lotions, baths etc). Your diploma will just state ‘Aromatherapy only’

IFPA Upgrades

This option is available for people who have undertaken an Aromatherapy Qualification and wish to upgrade to full IFPA membership

  • An initial assessment of prior learning takes place prior to commencement of the upgrade.
  • A personalised learning plan is created dependent on the elements of the course required.
  • Prices reflect the amount of work required to complete the upgrade.
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    Return to Practice

    This option is available for practitioners who have undertaken an IFPA course but not have practiced or maintained their full IFPA membership

    More details

    Every Aromatherapy student has the option of spending 2 study days at Essentially Holistic during their course. It is advisable to take these days in Module 3. These are included in the price.

    An Essential Oil Study Module runs alongside all of the modules.

    You receive access to this on the purchase of your first Module

    Course Structure:

    Aromatherapy Training Course Module One
    The first module starts you on your aromatic journey.
    You will be introduced to the wonderful world of:

  • What is defined as aromatherapy
  • The History and Folklore of aromatherapy
  • How Essential oils are produced and the different ways they are extracted
  • The Principles used when blending Essential oils
  • The chemical structure of Essential oils
  • Base & Carrier oils
  • The ‘holistic’ approach to Health and Well-being
  • How to use essential oils safely and effectively
  • An introduction to case studies
    Price £480.00

    Aromatherapy Training Course Module Two
    In this module we continue the journey and studies:

  • Plant Science, Botany and the classification of plants
  • Design and planning a treatment / work area
  • Chemistry of Essential Oils
  • The Process of Olfaction
  • Consultation techniques, Client Care and Communication
  • Completing Case Studies
    Price £480.00

    Aromatherapy Training Course Module Three
    The final module of your journey. This includes:

  • The importance of quality control
  • First Aid
  • Research and the Professional Aromatherapist
  • Pharmakinetics/skin
  • The Reticulo-endothelial system
  • Formulating a Business Plan
  • Health and Safety
  • Additional Case Studies
  • Revision and Assessing learning
    Price £480.00

    Aromatherapy Training Course Exam
    This is a 3 hour on-line assessment which tests your knowledge.
    It is a mixture or multi-choice questions, Short answers, labelling diagrams and a longer answer question
    It’s nothing to panic over!!
    Price £80.00

    Full payment
    Price £1440.00
    You can purchase the whole Aromatherapy Training Course including exam with a saving of 5%

    Payment Plan (through GoCardless
    12 months including admin fee – 12 payments of £133.34 (Total including admin fee £1600.08)
    18 months including admin fee – 18 payment of £88.89 (Total including admin fee £1600.02)

    If you would like to apply for a place on the course please complete the Course Application form and return it to

    If you have any questions simply fill in the contact form or e-mail me on:
    telephone or text: 01773 650162 or 07951 701406

    PayPal, Credit Card & BACS (Bank transfer) is available for all payments. Contact me for payment details: