CPD Hive

CPD Hive (Online Learning)

The CPD Hive offers courses from the Aromatic Sages. They are Wise Women who have worked in the aromatherapy world for many years and have much knowledge to offer:
Courses currently available are:
Essential Oil Chemistry with Karen Sherwood
Are you still confused by the chemistry of your essential oils? It is a fact that knowledge of the chemistry behind the tools of our trade can make us a much more effective therapist. This course will open the door to a different way of thinking about essential oils.

Introduction to Natural Perfumery with Jennifer Rhind
A short course for qualified aromatherapists who would like to make natural perfumes for personal use, friends and family

Energetic Protection and Working in Sacred Space with Arya Ingvorsen
This short course teaches you how to energetically clear and cleanse a room, how to create a safe place using a number of different techniques, how to energetically protect yourself (and loved ones) for work and daily life, and how to cleanse yourself of any energies picked up during the course of a treatment.

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