We are a LabSchool

We are a LabSchool

Essentially Holistic is an official LabSchool

We are delighted to announce Essentially Holistic has been verified as a LabSchool by LabAroma,the Innovation Award Winning Aromatherapy Chemistry Formulating Software Tool.

Colleen and the team at LabAroma have been making some changes to LabAroma and brainstorming possibilities of making LabAroma more accessible to brilliant aromatherapy students.

LabAroma believe chemistry knowledge and effective therapeutic blending unlocks the path to our essential oils’ beautiful powers. Once we, as Aromatherapists, understand our plants DNA, we then have the tools to make a great impact with Aromatherapy. They feel the best time to engrain our chemistry knowledge is while we study our plants and essential oils. So, LabSchool has been born to support your studies and help strengthened your Aromatherapy knowledge.

Students of Essentially Holistic can now enjoy the benefit of your own LabAroma Learn subscription.
For students LabAroma have waivered the $400 activation fee. You simply sign up with an $80 fee, recurring annually if they choose to continue their subscription.