Holistic Massage Courses

Holistic Massage Courses

This course is an IFPA accredited Holistic MassageMassage dates back thousands of years and can be traced through history as a form of treating ills and injuries to the body. In modern times it has been adapted into many forms but holistic massage remains the key to all of these variations. Level 4 Diploma course that can either be taken on its own or as part of the IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists)The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists is one of the largest professional aromatherapy practitioner organisations in the world and is a strong, respected voice in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Aromatherapy Diploma. It leads to a professional qualification in Massage. Due to it’s practical nature, this is a face to face course taught either One-to-One or in small groups. The theory is available as online modules for you to study before the course.

Assessment is through a practical examination and case studies. The Diploma is issued after completion of all the elements of the course.
Holistic Massage Diploma Course Outline
Holistic Massage Diploma Course Syllabus
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Holistic Massage Diploma Course
6 Days in house training with online Theory Modules – Price £750.00
The course covers:
• The historical and philosophical foundations of therapeutic massage.
• Developing a range of skills in therapeutic massage to respond to a client’s expressed needs
• Competence with a variety of strokes and identify their effects.
• Knowledge and awareness of soft tissue characteristics as they relate to therapeutic massage, e.g. skin, superficial fascia, deep fascia, muscles, etc.
• The concept of health, illness, a range of conditions and the factors(physical, mental and emotional)
• To develop sensitivity, empathy and respect within the therapeutic relationship
• Developing an understanding of the ethical, legal and professional bases for the use of therapeutic massage
• To evaluate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects of therapeutic massage
• To explore the use of touch as therapy

Examination fee £80.00 (payable at the examination)

What makes us special:

  • Fast Track, Intensive Diploma Course
  • Theory modules covered as online study
  • One-to-One Tuition
  • Intensive Massage Tuition
  • Videoed Massage sequences on the website
  • Bonus Lessons
  • Dates can be arranged to suit the Student
  • Payment Plan (through GoCardless
    12 months including admin fee – 12 payments of £68.00 (Total including admin fee £816.00)
    18 months including admin fee – 18 payments of £45.47 (Total including admin fee £818.46)

    If you would like to apply for a place on the course please complete the Course Application form and return it to essentiallyholistic@gmail.com

    Massage Refresher Course
    2 Days in house training with online support – Price £250.00
    If you already have a Massage qualification and would like to learn the Aromatherapy Massage routine and/or refresh your skills then our 2-Day Massage refresher course is perfect for you.

    What makes us special:
  • One-to-One Tuition
  • Personalised Tuition
  • Videoed Massage sequences on the website
  • Online resources
  • Dates can be arranged to suit the Student
  • Please check the Calendar or contact us for dates

    If you have any questions simply fill in the contact form or e-mail me on:
    telephone or text: 01773 650162 or 07951 701406